Cosmetic Brush Cleanser - Express Applicator - Arlington Ave
Cosmetic Brush Cleanser - Express Applicator - Arlington Ave
Cosmetic Brush Cleanser - Express Applicator

Cosmetic Brush Cleanser - Express Applicator

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What it is: Convenient spray applicator is great for on-the-go, travel or to give brushes an express cleaning. Just Spray, wipe and done. Effectively cleans and conditions cosmetic brushes, removes stubborn makeup residue and highly pigmented products, while also aiding in proper sanitization of brushes for a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity.

Ingredient callouts: This product is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben free

What else you need to know: Contributes to good hygiene by mitigating the spread of acne-causing bacteria. Removes makeup residue  and brushes dry quickly with no water or rinsing required. Leaves brushes with a pleasant cupcake scent. 

  • Quick Dry & Rinse Free Formulation
  • Convenient Quick Spray Applicator
  • Sanitizes Brushes
  • Removes Stubborn Makeup Buildup
  • Contributes To Good Hygiene
  • May Help Reduce Acne Breakouts 
  • Signature Cupcake Fragrance 


*Brush not included

DIRECTIONS: Hold the sprayer 1 to 2 inches from brush and spray one or two pumps of cleanser directly onto brush bristles on each side. Wipe brush clean on an absorbent paper towel or cloth. Repeat, as necessary. Reshape the brush and allow to air dry completely before use. 


  • Do not dip brush more than halfway, over saturate or soak
  • Arlington Ave is not responsible for damage to brushes, furniture, surfaces or clothing, use caution
  • Not for use on skin

Our Philosophy

Our skincare philosophy is simple. We believe that healthy skincare products contain more beneficial bioactive ingredients and less additives and inactive ingredients.