Gentle Cleansing Bar - Arlington Ave
Gentle Cleansing Bar - Arlington Ave
Gentle Cleansing Bar

Gentle Cleansing Bar

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What it is: A gentle and soothing cleansing bar that deep cleans surface impurities without drying-out skin. Formulated with glycerin, honey, and vitamin E for hydrating benefits.  Our Gentle Facial Cleansing Bar is formulated to clarify and balance skins' pH.

Due to the honey in the product, the color may vary.

Skin type: Combination, Oily, Normal or Dry

Skincare concerns:  Breakout Prone, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin Tone

Ingredient callouts: Free of sulfates, SLS and SLES, parabens, and phthalates

What else you need to know: Untouched by any harsh chemical or fragrance, this cleansing bar gently removes impurities from pores without drying skin. Skin becomes clarified and balanced.

Free of irritating essential oils and fragrance





Suggested Use: Wet bar and your face. Lather bar between hands, then apply lather to face. Massage in then rinse with warm water.


Propylene Glycol (bio-based), Glycerin (plant-based), Sorbitol, Sucrose, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Purified Aqua (water), Honey, Tocopherol (vitamin E)   

Propylene Glycol (bio-based): It is a humectant that helps to retain moisture in the skin, making it softer and more supple.

Glycerin (plant-based):
Another humectant, glycerin is a natural moisturizer that helps to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. It can also improve the texture of the skin, making it smoother and more even.

Sorbitol: This ingredient is also a humectant, but it is particularly effective at preventing moisture loss from the skin.

Sucrose: It is a has humectant and help to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Sodium Palmate and Sodium Palm Kernelate:These are both surfactants, which means they help to break down dirt, oil, and makeup on the skin. They can also create a lather that makes it easier to cleanse the skin.

Purified Aqua (Water): It is used as a solvent to help dissolve other ingredients in the cleanser.

Honey: Honey has natural humectant that can help to hydrate the skin and improve its texture.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E):This is a powerful antioxidant that can help to protect the skin from free radicals.

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Gentle face cleanser


Formulated with natural ingredients like glycerin, honey, and vitamin E,this bar helps to clarify and balance your skin's pH while removing impurities. Unlike harsher cleansers, our bar is gentle and soothing, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and refreshed.


Introducing our latest cleanser that is specially formulated to keep your skin's pH balance in perfect harmony! Our product is designed to gently and effectively cleanse your skin without causing any damage or disrupting the natural balance of your skin. Unlike other aggressive cleansers that can strip away your skin's natural barrier and leave it over-dried, our cleanser keeps your skin balanced and healthy. This means that you won't have to worry about your skin working hard to bring its pH back into balance or overproducing oil. Our cleanser is the perfect solution for those who want to maintain healthy and beautiful skin without compromising its natural balance. Try it out today and experience the benefits of a well-balanced and nourished complexion!

Detox cleanser for the skin
micelle cleanser skincare face wash

Formulated with gentle surfactant ingredients that create micelle molecules, lifting and removing dirt and impurities from your skin. Say goodbye to clogged pores and dull skin with our innovative formula that gently cleanses your skin, revealing a clean and refreshed complexion.


Unlike other harsh cleansers that can leave your skin feeling stiff, dry, and stressed, our product is designed to leave your skin feeling nourished and well-hydrated with ingredients glycerin, honey and vitamin E. Our formula works to cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural oils or disrupting its delicate barrier. Trust us to give you the perfect balance of clean and moisturized skin.

Hydrating face cleanser clean beauty

Minimally processed with minimal ingredients that's good for your skin and the environment. It's packaged in a protective recycled paper box to minimize carbon emissions and post-consumer waste.

Sustainable skincare cleanser

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