That was the rhetorical question my grandfather asked himself when he came to America from Italy and quickly realized that the idea of the Supermarket was not super at all in quality, but rather super in quantity of products offered. He was astonished by how stores can have much product abundance to fill isles of large markets, but offered inferior quality to what he had access to in small Italian village. And, he never could understand why anyone would eat at fast food chains, which could be found on nearly every block. Although the modern-world convenience and vast product variety that gave more choices in America than what he had in Italy, he recognized that Europe's lifestyle was healthier. The ingredient comparisons did not stop at food, he also noticed products like soap and toothpaste were inferior quality...and, he frequently called-out products that that contained different ingredients from the same brand name sold in Europe.

A family heirloom hand painting of Palomonte, Italy, located in the Campaigna region, the hometown of my grandfather


Even though his new home in American was not a small farming village, but rather a congested city, my grandfather believed everyone should have access to affordable healthy food.

His solution was to bring Italian farm-to-table living to America and share it with the local community. He purchased a property located in Jersey City, New Jersey on Arlington Ave and used the land to grow crops. The Arlington Ave garden provided fresh produce in season for my family and neighborhood community.

Community Garden

The Arlington Ave garden provided fresh produce for the community, where quality produce was otherwise not readily available, or unaffordable.

Our Inspo

We relate skincare to food and drew our inspiration upon the story of Arlington Ave. Products with active skin-nourishing ingredients are better than traditional beauty products which mostly consists of additives and filler ingredients.

Ingredients matter and they speak truth - regardless of the enticing marketing claims and alluring packaging.