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The story takes place in the Greenville section of Jersey City. Nestled within the most unexpected place was as hidden gem. An oasis sitting on over an acre of land on Arlington Avenue. This land was purchased by an Italian immigrant, Biagio, who arrived in America in 1950 with a dream to make a better life for himself and others. He embraced the diversity of the melting pot that Jersey City had to offer and dedicated himself to making a difference in the community.

He quickly realized that the key to achieving his purpose was through serving something greater than himself and he made Arlington Avenue a beacon of kindness and hope.

With his mastery in farming, Biagio dedicated hard work to creating a lush green garden that spanned over the property. As you walked through the rows of crops, the scent of fresh herbs and fruits wafted through the air, making your mouth water. In the summer months, the vibrant colors of the ripe peaches and juicy red tomatoes, contrasted against the full green trees and the blue sky, creating a beautiful visual feast for the eyes. The crops grew so high that even Biagio, at six foot five inches, had to climb a ladder to harvest the produce.

Amidst the hum of the city, the garden was a place of tranquility and serenity. You could hear the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind and the buzz of busy bees pollinating the flowers. But the garden was more than just a pretty sight and a place to grow crops. Biagio shared his bounty with people who otherwise wouldn't have access to organic produce, spreading joy and good health throughout his community. It was a symbol of hope and kindness, a place where everyone was welcome regardless of their background.

However, Biagio didn't stop there. He welcomed people from all walks of life into his garden, giving them a place to stay and opportunities to grow. From Charlie, a homeless veteran who felt alone, to Sam, a recovering addict who felt he would never be given another chance, Biagio provided a haven and started a mentorship and apprenticeship program to help others build a better future. Biagio compassion and dedication to serving people left a lasting impression on everyone he met.

And it was this same spirit of using skills for good and serving others that inspired Biagio’s granddaughter to start Arlington Ave skincare. Named after the property where Biagio garden once flourished, the brand is committed to crafting healthy skincare products and building a community of passionate people who support each other on their skincare journeys.

Today, Arlington Ave skincare embodies Biagio’s spirit of kindness and inclusivity. The brand is a place where people of all backgrounds can come together to support each other on their skincare journeys, just as Biagio supported his community through his garden. The scents and textures of the products are reminiscent of the garden, evoking a sense of nostalgia and inspiration from the earth.

We hope that when you use our products, you too remind yourself that sometimes nestled amongst unexpected places, there can be seeds of beauty and hope. Biagio’s legacy continues to inspire, and we are honored to carry the torch forward to serve something greater than self.


Biagio (on the left) is seen with Charlie (on the right), a U.S. veteran who was provided shelter in the Dutch colonial house situated on the Arlington Avenue property.

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