How To Use

2X Nail Serum Suggested Use: Dispense one drop on each nail bed and massage into nails and let sit for 30 minutes to fully absorb in nail before rinsing hands. Apply daily, preferably at night. Can also be reapplied throughout the day as desired.


For best results, use daily on clean, polish-free nails.

Raise The Brow Suggested Use: glide spoolie or firm brush against pan surface to coat brush with product.  Brush through clean brows in an upward and outward fanning motion. Shape and repeat steps as desired.

Pro Tip: for a laminated brow look, add a spritz of Hydrating Toning Mist into the pan surface and follow above step.

Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Hydrating Toning Mist Suggested Use:  With eyes closed, spray toning mist to face after cleansing skin.  Use day and night. Can be used to refresh skin throughout the day.