"You will know who they really are by their ingredients."



Mary Oppel

Mary is a daughter of two scientists. Throughout her childhood and teen years, she spent many weekends and summers at her parent’s contract research organization (CRO) where she observed and learned from scientists. In 2009, Mary joined the family contract research business. After working closely with analytical chemists and toxicologists, she realized that marketing messages, claims - and even the cost of products - did not match the ingredient science in product formulations. After reading numberous cosmetic formulations, and finding that too many products contained one too many filler and additive ingredients in the formulation, Mary envisioned a different approach to cosmetic formulation chemistry- an approach that would put good ingredients first, from the beginning to the end of the ingredient list. Out of necessity, her and her mother, an analytical biochemist, began self-formulating cosmetic products.

Angela Parisi

With degrees in biology and chemistry, Angela has over four decades of experience in research and development (R&D) in cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. She has also been a trusted partner for some of the most renown global companies, assisting them with international product regulatory compliance and product quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC).  Angela has served as a board member to the New Jersey Insitute of Chemists as well as New Jersey City University.  She remains active within the science community.

Our Mantra

"Every ingredient matters."

Both active and inactive ingredients have an impact body.

For this reason, we carefully and thoughtfully select all ingredients when formulating, prioritizing ingredients for its usefulness in the formulation to first benefit the skin, and then to support the integrity of the formula, as necessary.

Commonly used additives and allergens in cosmetics, such as texturizers, dyes, colorants, fragrances, metals, and more, are not used in our skincare products because it does not support skin health. The result of our formulation approach, provides a more consistent selection of quality, skin-healthy ingredients from beginning to end of our ingredient list.