Ingredients Matter

Like processed foods use artificial flavors, thickeners and colorants, many skincare products are also disguised to look, smell, and feel good. These products contain mostly additive ingredients like thickeners and texturizers, fragrance, and colorants. However, they do minimal good for the skin because of the high percentage of filler and additive inactive ingredients. While there may be some beneficial ingredients sprinkled in, the overwhelming selection of inactive ingredients outweighs the minimal health benefits. This is what we we call the processed food of skincare.  A few healthy ingredients act like the piece of lettuce and a slice of tomato on a fast food burger, but when it is surrounded by an overall meal containing more fillers and unhealthy ingredients, it is not doing the body any favors. And, just as in food, inactive ingredients in skincare can impact health and wellness.

Our Difference

Our ingredient selection makes the difference in our products. We are committed to using beneficial ingredients that are biocompatible to support wellness and deliver nutrition to the skin.

For this reason, our products are formulated with a variety nutrient-rich ingredients, antioxidants and vitamins, to provide a healthy, balanced skincare diet. By using a high percentage of bioactive and nutritional carrier ingredients that are naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants, formulations can deliver greater synergistic skin benefits. In this way we eliminate or minimize inactive ingredients, such as non-nutritional carriers (the bulk of most other brand formulations), preservatives and emulsifiers, which are used sparingly only to support formulation integrity as needed.

Whereas most skincare products favor water based formulations, our products favor the use of vitamin and moisture-rich lipids to deliver greater nourishment to the skin over the traditional aqua/water.

Our Standard

What we do not use in our skincare products is equally important as what we do use. A vast majority of ingredients are eliminated from our ingredient selection because it does not pass European and United States regulatory standards, or our ingredient standards for promoting skin health.